Intuitive Tarot Reading Of April 2022: Learn How To Tap Into Your Leadership Skills

Savannah Taider · Apr 7, 2022

In Work The Magic Within’s series Divine Guidance, we reveal the messages that Spirit has channeled through our tarot and oracle cards for the collective. As you read through, you must recognize what messages are meant for you and those that are not. To avoid creating any kind of confusion in your mind, we advise you to only take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Readings like such are no predictions whatsoever but rather forecasts. If you don’t like the way a reading turns out, you should know that it’s always possible to change its course. For this intuitive tarot reading, we’re using the Modern Witch Tarot deck and the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Spring has sprung, meaning that Aries season is here, and a new astrological year is now beginning. I don’t know about you, but I could feel the energies of March’s New Moon in Aries very intensely on my end. They manifested through tension in my body, bad temper, impulsivity, and even anger sometimes. However, when I sat down to pull some tarot cards for this month’s intuitive tarot reading, I must say that my spirit felt lighter. Way lighter, actually. And the more cards I pulled, the clearer it became to me that every situation in life, just like the moon, is a phase. Nothing lasts forever. And whether these phases feel harmonious or chaotic depends on us, on our discernment and willingness to surrender.

Every situation in life, just like the moon, is a phase. Nothing lasts forever. And whether these phases feel harmonious or chaotic depends on us; on our discernment and willingness to surrender.

Source: Work The Magic Within

With the Hanged One representing your current situation, and the King of Cups representing the energy crossing the entire reading, Spirit sheds light on the necessity for you to pause, especially your controlling tendencies, and surrender. All so that you can grow into the woman that the next level of your life requires you to be. That is to say, a woman that’s in complete control of her feelings, who’s found a perfect balance between logic and emotions, and whose communication is assertive yet still sensitive and considerate of others. Moreover, the King of Wands, which represents the reading’s final outcome, shows that you’ll no longer be the one actively working on your dream at the end of the journey. No, you’ll be at the head of everything. A true, accomplished leader directing and orchestrating the completion of your dream with the help of the people that you’ll hire.

This moment of stillness is nothing to be worried about or scared of, as the Four Of Swords suggests you may be. It’s a simple rite of passage, a moment of transition that requires slowing down, alone time, meditation, introspection, etc., from you in order to be fully effective and fulfill its purpose for you. You know, it’s easy to pay someone for a service and think that you’re now capable of hiring a team. But being a good manager requires more than hiring folks and paying them on time. Especially if you want your people to willingly climb the mountains that your dream comes with without complaining. Hence why, as mentioned earlier, good communication and establishing boundaries will be key to maintaining healthy functioning relationships.

With that said, your fear is understandable since you’re now slowing down after riding some high, high waves that were already making you feel very successful. Indeed, with the Page Of Swords, Spirit is showing me that, in your recent past, you finally decided to follow your inner voice and answer your curiosity’s call. You surrendered to your thirst for knowledge which ultimately gave birth to new creative ideas and endeavors—which you’re beyond excited about. In other words, your life had found back its meaning and you were eager, even impatient, to see how things would quickly evolve. But, again, now isn’t the ideal time to make any hasty decisions nor push things in any way whatsoever. First, you must prepare yourself to face your bright future’s challenges. You don’t show up to the arena to fight without training first. It requires training, and so does success.

One thing you must know about the Universe is that it could’ve definitely let you go farther in your journey without making you stronger. But in the Universe’s language, such a situation would’ve meant that you were destined to fail. In your case, the Universe is conspiring to make you stronger—because you’re on the right path. And the final outcome can’t be any different than you sitting on the winner’s throne.

The Universe is conspiring to make you stronger—because you’re on the right path. And the final outcome can’t be any different than you sitting in the winner’s throne.

So, be sure that although you may feel like that’s the case, the trough of the wave where you currently find yourself isn’t keeping you stuck or trapped. It’s meant to bring you back all the way up, even higher than you were before. The amount of time you’ll spend in that place, however, will depend on how long it takes you to fully surrender and trust the plans that the Universe has for you. No matter how much power we believe we have over life, I know for sure is that the Universe will always have the final say. If the Universe says there are more challenges to overcome so that growth can occur, then it is what it is. As human beings, we can’t go against God’s will, and the more we keep resisting and ignoring life’s confrontations, the more painful and destructive the final outcome will be.


With the Wheel Of Fortune, the Strength, and the Queen Of Swords, Spirit shows me that within you lies the power to successfully go through the ocean that you’re navigating and thoroughly blend with its rhythm and flow—and you’re aware of that. What you may not be aware of, however, is how to use your power and towards what.

The Temperance card, which unveils your subconscious, demands that you focus on patience, moderation, and balance. Be patient enough with yourself regarding your (un)learning process. Choose peace over being over-opinionated when adversity or controversy shows up in your face. Contemplate and analyze all perspectives before deciding on how to solve certain issues. The King Of Cups demands that you focus on other people’s needs, that you acknowledge their emotions, and respond in an appropriate, diplomatic manner. The Six Of Swords requires that you let go of all the things that no longer serve you, especially old grudges that you’re still holding today. Practice Ho’oponopono: repeat healing and forgiving mantras until your spirit feels free from any bitterness. Finally, the Queen Of Swords demands that you suppress all judgment and use discernment while searching for the truth. Seek a rational truth, not a truth based on someone’s emotions. Don’t be afraid of getting to the heart of things.

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