Sound Healing Therapy: Jhené Aiko Launches New ALLEL Crystal Sound Bowl

Savannah Taider · Feb 24, 2023

On February 22, exactly a year after she hosted her first day-to-night retreat, ‘The ARK’, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, launched her highly anticipated product-based spiritual brand, ‘The ALLEL’, offering happy customers a large variety of sound bowls as well as a jewelry line.

Two things about the songstress Jhené Aiko: one, she is the physical representation of sound healing therapy, and two, she masters the art of speaking in codes. A Living Light, Eternal Love. This is what the letters in ‘ALLEL’ stand for. Back in March 2022, for the first time, the W.A.Y.S. singer officially introduced her product-based spiritual brand ‘The ALLEL’ in an Instagram feed post. The picture shows a dark symbol on a white background. The symbol represents two fishes intertwined together, which we easily assume derives from the zodiac sign Pisces, honoring Aiko’s very own Sun and Moon sign. “[It] represents balance, protection, and divine guidance,” she writes.

Although Instagram feed posts dedicated to ‘The ALLEL’ products were rare before the launch of the brand (and its dedicated Instagram page), Jhené Aiko has always been open to sharing glimpses of the project she was working on via her stories. Several times before and throughout the months that followed said introduction post, she revealed many pictures and videos of gorgeous crystal sound bowls, and of herself wearing an ‘ALLEL’ necklace, hinting that an exciting launch was on the horizon.

Anyone familiar with Jhené Aiko has most certainly heard of her deep soul-centered interest in sound bowls. As told to writer Ellise Shafer during an interview for Variety, Jhené has used Tibetan sound bowls as a healing therapy since she was a teenager. “I was really using them for myself — like therapy — an alternative to self-medicating and not dealing with how I’m feeling,” she recalls. “I just found them very relaxing and soothing, and even addictive to play, like literally the motion of playing the sound bowls felt good to me.” In 2020, Jhené integrates the technique into each song of her Grammy-nominated album, ‘Chilombo,’ causing her to reach an even higher level of divineness—and affirming once again her leading spiritual goddess figure—to the eyes of the world.

An admirable trait of Jhené Aiko’s spiritual journey, and probably the main reason why people like her so much, is her driven intention to share all of her knowledge and tools with her peers and to make healing accessible and an immersive experience. The launch of her new website, the home base for ‘The ARK’ (All Restorative Kingdom), undoubtedly reinforces this idea.

The mission she assigned herself? “To help restore ALL to their individual light through the offering of healing, protective and restorative products.”

Get your own ‘ALLEL’ sound bowls

As previously announced, since February 22, 2023, the Pisces woman’s newest sound bowl line has been available for sale. “Each ‘ALLEL’ sound bowl was handpicked by Jhené herself,” she writes on Instagram, in collaboration with Jeralyn Glass of Crystal Cadence.

As of now, customers are momentarily only able to purchase a large variety of crystal bowls crafted in different sizes and fabrics. Approximately 93 products are available for sale, including single bowls and bowl sets. Although some people have complained about prices in Jhené’s Instagram posts comments, experts have described the bowls as surprisingly affordable for “crystal alchemy sound bowls infused with quality gemstones and precious metals.” Proof is, they’re selling out fast.

On the other hand, regarding the jewelry line, Aiko has yet to launch the ALLEL necklace. (Although some lucky fans were able to put their hands on it during some of Jhené’s recent live events.) But we’re optimistic that it’s coming soon.

Unfamiliar with sound healing therapy and crystal sound bowls? No worries! Jhené has created a complete FAQ and product guides that include videos to help you pick the items your soul and chakras require to heal.

To purchase your ALLEL Sound Bowl, visit and follow @allelbyjheneaiko to stay in touch with The ALLEL.

Featured image Jhené Aiko’s Instagram

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