Intuitive Tarot Reading Of February 2022: Getting Rid Of Toxic Habits

Savannah Taider · Feb 3, 2022

In Work The Magic Within’s series Divine Guidance, we reveal the messages that Spirit has channeled through our tarot and oracle cards for the collective. As you read through, you must recognize what messages are meant for you and those that are not. To avoid creating any kind of confusion in your mind, we advise you to only take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Readings like such are no predictions whatsoever but rather forecasts. If you don’t like the way a reading turns out, you should know that it’s always possible to change its course.

The world has now entered a new month, which means that it’s time for a check-in with Spirit and the Universe!

Our favorite astrologers have set the tone as to what is to expect, as far as the galaxy is concerned, for February 2022. To sum up, a powerful New Moon in Aquarius opened the month on February 1st, bringing in a necessity for change, assessing our fears, and eventually, bringing in light at the end of the tunnel. The second Full Moon of the year will occur in Leo on February 16, this time asking us to enjoy both the wonders and simple things of life. It’s asking us to live intentionally, in the present moment. Finally, Mercury stations direct on February 3rd, which signifies that things should be functioning smoothly again for everyone.

Now, what about the cards? Are you curious to find out what they want you to know about the weeks ahead? For this intuitive tarot reading, we’re using the Tazama African Tarot deck and the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Your Current Situation

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

Five of Cups — Loss, Failure.

You’re experiencing a significant loss or failure that profoundly hurts you. The Suit of Cups is related to emotions and interpersonal relationships. You could be dealing with a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio, or have one of these signs as your Sun, Moon, or rising zodiac sign.

The Five of Cups card shows that you may be experiencing the loss of a loved one or feel like you’ve failed yourself in some sort of way. Perhaps because you’ve been neglecting your needs, haven’t listened to your inner voice, or perhaps you’ve let other people down. Either way, your reality currently feels like the world is ending. The only thing that resides inside of you is a torment of emptiness. The pain that you feel has shut down your optimism; all you seem able to focus on at this time is what no longer is.

However, you must remember that you’re the master of your own mind. You have the power to decide what you want to focus on. Right now, you’re deciding to focus on the negative whereas the Five of Cups card clearly indicates that all hope isn’t lost. Some of your cups are still standing, which you could see for yourself would you decide to shift the narrative and start thinking positively.

Did someone wrong you? It’s OK, girl. It doesn’t mean that everyone else is ill-intentioned. There are still good people out there. The proof is, you exist! You made a mistake? It’s absolutely fine, everybody does. Believe me, there are ways to fix what you broke. And if it turns out that you can’t fix it, it doesn’t mean that life is ending. Take accountability for your actions, learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself, and move on with your life.

Your Potential Or Challenge

Six of Wands — Shadow Work.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

In the present context, the Six of Wands card represents Potentiality. The card means victory after a difficult battle (with yourself), and it gives you clues as to how you can overcome the challenges that have come with the Five of Cups card.

The element that rules the Suit of Wands is fire, and fire symbolizes creative energy as well as professional and personal development. Of course, that makes working on yourself the key to defeating your shadow self during this battle. Working on yourself, in your case, can look like practicing gratitude. It can look like practicing forgiveness, reflecting on the mistakes that were made, and most importantly, getting to the root of things. As in, why does this particular situation trigger you so much?

Near Past & Future

Near Past: Eight of Pentacles — New Skills.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

The Near Past represents the things that you’re leaving behind. The Suit of Pentacles energy draws from earth, the material world, wealth, and safety. The Eight of Pentacles is all about mastering your craft and acquiring new skills. Overall, it has a positive connotation.

What this card shows is you working really hard on a particular goal, doing everything—literally everything—that it takes to reach it. The card precedes the Nine of Pentacles, meaning that you were close to enjoying the fruits of your labor but weren’t quite there just yet.

Near Future: Four of Cups — Reflection.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

As for the Future, the Four of Cups card still shows disappointment and lack of motivation, but the negative energies of this card aren’t as strong as the Five of Cups’. This means that as time goes by, your pain will ease and begin to fade away. Simply be patient with yourself.

The Four of Cups card also represents meditation and contemplation. New opportunities are finding their way to you, but you don’t feel in a position to seize them. Rather than splurging yourself into something new and moving on, you’re taking your time to observe, analyze and reflect. You’re putting things into perspective to see whether or not they fit with your new reality or the changes you want to make in your life. Nonetheless, a wise man once said, “No paralysis through analysis.” Do not let your decision process nor painful past experiences scare you from making any decisions at all. It’s good to take time to process things first, but you still got to take action.

Conscious & Unconscious

Unconscious: The World — Perfectionism, People-Pleasing.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

The Unconscious reveals the cause of your pain. And with The World card, it’s telling you that the reason you’re grieving today is that sure, you did everything to reach your goals. But you were so focused on getting things done that you eventually did too much—without necessarily making the distinction between the good and the bad, the necessary and the unnecessary. Are you a people pleaser? A perfectionist? Does your pain stem from you trying to satisfy everyone without really thinking about the consequences it might have on you? Have you been trying to be everywhere and do everything at the same time?

The World card expresses wholeness, completion, a situation coming full circle, which brings to the conclusion that you were meant to experience such setback to finally learn how to let go of old toxic tendencies that were ruining your life.

Conscious: Ace of Swords — Breakthrough.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

The Conscious, which determines your intentions and desires towards your current situation, confirms this message as the Ace of Swords card is all about new beginnings, mental clarity, authority, and breakthrough. Even if you may not have gotten to the Conscious just yet, know that you have that energy in you. You have what it takes to channel it.

The Self, Your Attitude

Three of Wands — Moving Forward.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

The Self represents your Attitude towards your current situation, which is different from your intentions and desires. The Three of Wands card shows that you’re adopting a going-places kind of attitude. Therefore, you’re willing to exit your current situation for a better one. You’re moving forward, which is super positive. The Three of Wands, just like The World, is a card that represents travel. Therefore, expect the new opportunities coming your way to be adventurous and to require you to travel abroad. Whether or not you decide to accept those opportunities, do consider the message that they bring along: Spread your wings so you can reach personal freedom.

Spirit also wants you to listen to Hercules’ original soundtrack ‘Go The Distance’.

External Influences

Temperance — Peace.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

The Temperance card shows that the environment you currently or that you’ll soon find yourself in is balanced and filled with gentle energies. It’s harmonious and patient. Therefore, the said environment is the ideal place for you to initiate significant self-work and expect a successful mutation into a better version of yourself. This environment can be where you are physically, but it can also be found within you. The peace that the Temperance card exudes is both internal and external.

Hopes/Fears & Outcome

Hopes/Fears: Four of Pentacles — Reverting To Old Habits.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

The Four of Pentacles card much more represents your fears than it does your hopes. It involves all the messages that were previously decoded throughout the reading.

It’s no surprise that what you fear is another failure. You don’t want to lose what nor who you love again. You fear going back to old people-pleasing habits. You fear holding on to the wrong people, letting the past block your elevation. You fear not being able to stop self-sabotaging and letting yourself down again. You’re trying very hard, but what if you were trying very hard for the wrong things?

Outcome: Queen of Swords — Metamorphosis.

Image Source: Work The Magic Within

The following card, which closes the reading, is The Queen of Swords, here to shed the brightest light on your situation: The outcome. Sitting on her throne holding a sharp sword pointing to the sky, her demeanor confidently promises that everything will be fine. The Queen of Swords in a reading is a sign of protection; either you’re protected by someone else (most likely a mother figure who could be an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra) or by the boundaries that you’ve successfully set yourself. She wants you to reach this place within yourself where you’re capable of accepting and embracing your emotions—no matter what they are or how overwhelming they feel. That also means listening to your intuition more often instead of constantly seeking to rationalize.

When you morph into The Queen of Swords, you become wiser and stronger. You become more independent and turn into a coveted problem solver. All the pessimism of the Five of Cups? Gone. What you do is find solutions now. And when you feel down, you never stay down for too long. The only way out is through; this you’ve learned the hard way.

Here are a few affirmations to help you navigate this period of your life, according to your intuitive tarot reading of February 2022:

  • Problems only exist in the context of solutions. If there’s no solution, there ain’t no problem.
  • I am not my mistakes.
  • I deserve to put myself first.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • Nobody can manipulate me into doing anything. No is a complete sentence and doesn’t require any justification.
  • I am strong, intelligent, and self-reliant.
  • My intuition and emotions deserve to be trusted.
  • There is no such thing as success without failure.

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