Intuitive Tarot Reading Of March 2022: Shift From Scarcity To Abundance

Savannah Taider · Mar 1, 2022

In Work The Magic Within’s series Divine Guidance, we reveal the messages that Spirit has channeled through our tarot and oracle cards for the collective. As you read through, you must recognize what messages are meant for you and those that are not. To avoid creating any kind of confusion in your mind, we advise you to only take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Readings like such are no predictions whatsoever but rather forecasts. If you don’t like the way a reading turns out, you should know that it’s always possible to change its course. For this intuitive tarot reading, we’re using the Tazama African Tarot deck and the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Your Current Situation

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Page of Pentacles in reverse —Blockages.

When the Page of Pentacles comes out in reverse, it means that something or someone is lacking progress. Perhaps due to procrastination or fear of failure. The element that rules the Suit of Pentacles is earth. Therefore, you could have Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn as one of your major zodiac placements, or could simply be dealing with one. As you read through, you’ll see that the two big energies that manifest throughout the reading are earth (Pentacles) and water (Cups). In other words, respectively work, financial wealth, manifestation, emotions, and relationships energies.

When I observe the reading as a whole, the message that I receive is, Spirit wants you to shift from a scarcity mindset to a mindset of abundance. Like attracts like and it is clear that you’re the one standing in your own way. You’re the reason behind your own losses. It could be because, for some reason, you’ve stopped trusting yourself or your environment. Either way, I’m not sure that you’re approaching the situation the right way by isolating yourself.

Your Potential Or Challenge

The Fool —Faith, Innocence.

The energy that crosses the reading, as a challenge, is that of the Fool. The Fool is the card that begins the tarot and he story of the latter is actually about the Fool’s journey. All other cards illustrate their voyage.

The Fool is an innocent soul. A free spirit that’s enthusiast about their future and who walk their journey with faith, even though they’re not certain of it. The Fool is curious and eager to discover what life has in store for them, no matter what it involves. The Fool don’t fear.

The reason I see this card as a challenge rather than a potential is that I sense you’ve traded the Fool’s way of life for the Page of Pentacles’ worries. What confirms my belief is the card that represents your near past: the Seven of Pentacles.

Near Past & Near Future

Near Past: Seven of Pentacles — Investment.

The Near Past represents the things that you’re leaving behind and the Seven of Pentacles shows us that you’re leaving behind your confidence and trust in your journey. Not so long ago, you began the creation process of a project that was important to you and in which you’ve invested a lot of yourself. Whether financially or personally. At the time, your focus was set on the positive. Each one of your moves was strategically thought out. Yet if there were chances to fail, then you’d still go for it and call that “taking a leap of faith.” You were working on a long-term vision, all while thinking uplifting thoughts. Perseverance was your friend and nothing could’ve made you believe that you couldn’t make it in the end.


A specific event occurred—in two timelines, past and present—that ruined your self-confidence. I sense that this is history repeating itself. Something happened that’s consciously or subconsciously reminding your soul of a past heartbreak. The current event in itself might seem big to you, but that’s not what reality says. As a matter of fact, reality says that it’s only in your head, not to mention that it’s something you’re no longer supposed to be wasting time focusing on.

But obviously, it still triggers you and you fear entering the same cycle all over again. So, there are good chances that there’s a wound that needs proper healing here. If nothing immediately pops up in your head while reading this, take some time to reflect on the matter. Maybe journal about it. Dig deeper.

Near Future: Five of Swords in reverse — Resentment, Forgiveness.

The Suit of Swords is all about the mind, the intellect. The fact that this card came out is proof that, like I previously wrote, whatever the current event, it’s only been big in your head. You’re overthinking it.

The card also shows that resentment and sorrow are inhabiting your heart. I believe that the air element that’s attached to the Suit of Swords—the intangible—is a clue that you’re in denial of this old wound because it’s an emotional wound, not a physical one. As in, you can’t see it so you’d rather fall for the idea that it doesn’t exist if it’s not physically there. Aht, aht, aht. Disclosure: They say that like attracts like, but avoidance is also a magnet. The more you try to avoid the truth, the more it’ll comes crashing in your face until you decide to accept and embrace it.

It’s not only negative, though. The Five of Swords in reverse is here to tell you that reconciliation is near. (In my opinion, only if you’re willing to do some shadow work.) Someone will show up and give you the apology that you’ve been longing for, or you’ll learn how to forgive yourself as well as how to navigate life without all the baggage that you carry blocking you from fulfilling your dreams. You’re getting ready to move on with your life and go back to your endeavors.

Conscious & Unconscious

Conscious: Five of Pentacles — Scarcity Mindset.

The Conscious, which determines your intentions and desires towards your current situation, confirms the energy of the Page of Pentacles in reverse. You’re in a place of lack and although lacking isn’t what you desire, the scarcity mindset that you currently find yourself in is only attracting things that are from being fulfilling. You’re lost, you feel blocked. You question all your past accomplishments as though they’re just the result of luck and you’ll never create anything successful again.

Moreover, this isn’t what my intuition tells me, but if I follow the proper meaning of the cards, I’d also say that you’ve suffered a huge financial loss. You fell in a pit, which froze all of your movements, fearing you’ll fall deeper into the latter. You’re so scared, it feels safer to you to not move at all rather than try to get to the surface.

Unconscious: Three of Cups in reverse — Imbalanced Social Life.

The Unconscious reveals the cause of your pain. In all honesty, I’m unsure of what the real cause of your pain is and though the cards can give me clues as to what it could be, the only person who has the real answer is you. So, let me help you find it: Did someone steal money from you? Have you recently decided to retreat in your own shell for, again, another undetermined period of time? Are you, once again, turning your back on your entourage? Why? Are they not supporting your dreams? Are you scared to fail in the public eye, so you’d rather stay alone? Do you not know how to balance your ambitions with your relationships? Are you too protective of your projects that it negatively impacts your relationships? Do you have trust issues?

The Three of Cups in reverse means that you have an imbalanced social life. You’ve been spending a lot of time, perhaps too much, alone. Or now that I think of it, it could definitely be spending time alone in your head, overthinking! The Three of Cups also says that you’re surrounded by a big crowd, and if we take into consideration the Five of Swords in reverse along with the energy of reconciliation that it carries, I’m tempted to say that the crowd is full of people that love and care for you. All they want is to see you win.

So, what’s bothering you, really?

The Self, Your Attitude


Death — Endings & Beginnings.

The Self represents your Attitude towards your current situation, which is different from your intentions and desires. The Death card usually scares people off, but all tarot readers know that this card carries far more positive energies than one would think it does. The Death card can definitely mean literal death, but its deeper meaning is all about change, ending, new beginnings, transformation…

Having this card at this emplacement shows that you’re ready for your pain to cease. You’re ready to heal the wound and ultimately grow new healthy skin. No matter how uncomfortable the situation you’re facing is, know that it’s necessary to your healing. Heartbreaks aren’t in vain. They happen to show us and teach us about ourselves.

Accept endings, welcome new beginnings, and let yourself be taught.

External Influences


King of Cups — Emotionally Balanced.

The King of Cups card shows that the environment you currently or that you’ll soon find yourself in is emotionally balanced and compassionate; another element that comforts me into thinking that your entourage might not be as ill-intentioned as you believe it is. Moreover, another adjective that defines the King of Cups is ‘diplomatic’.

What comes to mind when I hear this word is, if you’re currently in conflict with someone, know that there’s a way to solve it. There’s a diplomatic way to fix whatever issues the two or three of you might have. It doesn’t have to be hurtful or overwhelming as the King of Cups has learned how to master his emotions. You know, not all endings have to be catastrophic. You can walk away gracefully, without feeling guilty of leaving anyone behind, and feeling proud of yourself for having respected your or other people’s boundaries.

Hopes/Fears & Outcome


Hopes/Fears: Queen of Cups in reverse: — Fearing To Accept The Truth For What It Is.

I wish I could’ve written that the Queen of Cups in reverse represents your hopes but once again, all I see is fear. The energy of this card in reverse is inner feelings, codependency, self-care. The reason why I say that all of these energies are what you fear is because you know damn well that retreating in your own cavern is not the solution to your problem. Deep down, you’re well aware that the correct action to take is to take the bull by the horns and confront the truth. Now that would be real self-care in your situation. But right now, you’re deciding to avoid it. You’re wearing your blinders and isolating, believing that time and ignorance will make the situation better.

When it comes to your inner feelings and codependency, the message that I receive is that the two go together as a whole. You’re dependent of your pain, because that’s all you’ve know in a long time in your present context, and your pain depends on you to remain alive. Pain’s default setting is that it’s here to stay, unless you want to make it leave. Again, that’s an extra big clue that you’re your own enemy in this situation.


Outcome: King of Pentacles in reverse — Stubborness.

Finally, the last card, which represents the outcome of the situation, should you keep heading in the same direction, is the King of Pentacles in reverse. I see this card as an evolved version of the Page of Pentacles in reverse. When I say evolved, I don’t mean more mature. No, what I mean is that the King of Pentacles in reverse is the Page of Pentacles in reverse…but worse.

If you don’t correct your course and take proper care of yourself, you’ll end up sadder and even more bitter than you currently are. What life has in store for you as the King of Pentacles in reverse is to live a life financially inept, obsessed with wealth and status, and being a stubborn person.

I don’t believe that’s what Spirit wants for you. So, it’s time to fight your inner demons.

With all of that being said, I want to emphasize the fact that working on defeating your demon is definitely not easy. It’s hard, and it’s painful. This reading simply displays what’s going on in your life. It’s not forcing you to take any steps or actions that you’re not ready to take. Me personally, I encourage you to experience the hardships of life at your own pace knowing that healing will always be a possibility.

Here are a few affirmations to help you navigate this period of your life, according to your intuitive tarot reading of March 2022:

  • Everything that I need, I already have.
  • Money is a means, not an end. It’s a tool that supports my dream, not a necessity.
  • I’m a money magnet. Every dollar I spend comes back to me tenfold.
  • I trust that the Universe only puts the right people on my path. Good or bad, they all have lessons to teach me. Crossing paths with them is a confirmation of emotional growth.
  • I’m mature enough to take accountability for my actions and have the power to solve conflicts peacefully.
  • I love myself enough to take proper care of myself.
  • Shadow work isn’t easy, but I have the necessary resources within me to turn the dark into light.

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This is stunning how accurate this reading resonates in my inner self ?

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Oh, dear. I need to sit with this reading! Let me take a nap.


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